Tony O’Hagan and I are pleased to announce the launch of version 4 of the Sheffield Elicitation Framework.

Version 4 includes new templates and new advice, as well as bringing all of the previous material up to date with new thinking and experience. In particular, version 4 includes new documents describing

  • how to handle many quantities of interest;
  • eliciting judgements about discrete quantities;
  • the “extension method”: eliciting judgements about a single quantity by conditioning on another quantity and/or eliciting a joint distribution for two or more quantities that are not judged to be independent.

The SHELF R package has also been updated: the current version is 1.6, and includes (R shiny) apps for implementing most of the methods.

As always, we would love to hear from you about your experience with using SHELF, and any ideas you have for improving it.