MAS113 Introduction to Probabilty and Statistics

This is the homepage for Part 2 (Statistics) of MAS113 Introduction to Probability and Statistics. See here for Part 1 (Probability). General information about the module is available here. This course also uses MOLE.

Lecture notes

The lecture notes available here do not contain solutions to the examples, or proofs of the theorems: these are worked through by hand in the lectures. If you miss a lecture, you will need to ask someone who was there for any handwritten notes, or you can watch the video lecture recording.

I will give out printed copies of the notes in lectures, with the exception of Chapter 1, which I suggest you read online only. If you wish to print off Chapter 1, you can download a pdf version here.

Video recordings of lectures are available from MOLE.

DataCamp and R

If you want more help with R, you can try watching some of the videos on DataCamp. If you are registered on MAS113, you should have received an invitation to join an MAS113 DataCamp group. Starting from 26/2/18, you should have free access to all their videos, for 6 months. A recommended course for this module is Introduction to the Tidyverse.

R practicals and tutorial exercises

Printed copies will be given out in lectures/tutorial classes. The datasets for the R practicals are all available on MOLE.

Downloading R and RStudio

You can obtain both R and RStudio for free. (If you want to work on your own computer, you will need both installed.)

Past exam papers and solutions

Solutions will be posted on MOLE, after the module has finished.