Expert elicitation

Eliciting probability distributions to represent experts’ beliefs

Health economics

Applications of Bayesian statistics in health economics

Uncertainty Quantification

Quantifying uncertainty in computer model predictions

PhD Supervision

Current PhD students

  • Jeremy Colman
  • Budhi Handoko
  • Oliver Jones (joint with ACSE)
  • Inès Krissane (co-supervised with Richard Wilkinson)
  • Jordan Parry (joint with Mechanical Engineering)

Previous PhD students

See here for a list of previous PhD students, thesis titles, and links to theses online (where available).

Advice to PhD applicants

I aim to recruit one or two PhD students each year, and applications are welcome at any time. If you are considering applying to me to supervise your PhD, please read this advice first.

New release of the Sheffield Elicitation Framework


Another exercise in eliciting a distribution and justifying it based on the available evidence.